SNDO Eigen werk

Andreas Hannes, Laura van Bergem and Antonia Steffens are graduating choreographers from the internationally renowned School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. Each choreographer will present one piece.


Andreas Hannes

This is a presentation of the, in-development, practice of continuous skipping, as in skipping down the street. This piece is loosely informed by my graduation performance The City. The skipping practice is a continuation of my investigation on the notion of relational, physical and metaphysical distances.

Two skippers are entering the stage to begin a stream of skipping, creating pathways and outlining geometries, while repositioning themselves in space through continuous movement. They unfold potential spaces of infinite skipping, formed by the music of Siriusmo.


Choreography: Andreas Hannes
Performance: Ahmed El Gendy & Andreas Hannes
Lights: Paulina Prokop
Department: Choreography, School for New Dance Development

Hay Fever (in different order)

Laura van Bergem

Although I believe it’s healthy to have an answer to every
possible question, there are many quizzes I wouldn’t win. Also: one can
speak on behalf of the other,
and no one will ever póssibly find out.
When? Try this at ‘home’, but make sure
to select the right chambers. Just googled it and the earth is turning
to the left from
certain perspective. Resist!
(the chance of different speed is immense)
(difference in speed is huge)



choreography: Laura van Bergem
performance: Carolina Papetti, Netti Nüganen, Laura van Bergem
advice: Igor Dobricic, Maxim Hartman, Bruno Listopad

Metamotion for 270degrees

Antonia Steffens

“Metamotion for 270degrees” is loosely departing from the biblical story of Salome. The work uses the character of the young, dancing female body to touch upon myths around femininity in western art history. Hovering in and out of those images, the performer enters into dialogue with different objects, times, references and narratives and switches roles, being its facilitator, user, friend, sparring partner. At the same time being its subject, the performer is a labourer that constantly has to work in order to construct the architectures of illusions, that are made out of the physical and metaphysical aspects in the space. The work tries to understand the necessity of keeping a myth alive while at the same time trying to decompose it, such as the relevance of doing so in front of an audience gaze. During a journey of investigating those matters, the performer is falling in and out of different realms into colliding dimensions of experiencing her own twisted projections.


Choreography and performance: Antonia Steffens
Set design: Antonia Steffens, Frits van Diehl
Costume: Avoidstreet
Lights and technical: Martin Kaffarnik, Vincent Romijn
Production: Stephanie Luehn, Charlot van der Meer, SNDO Amsterdam
Sound edit: Antonia Steffens

Featured artists in order of appearance:
Björk (The gate)
Jovica aka Jovica Storer (
Akumasanti ( Little Dragon Pretty Girl xxx)
Leosalom, Pan14, botha9johann, arseniiv, copyc4t,
RebekahDay (

Advice: Mehraneh Atashi, Katerina Bakatsaki

Warm thanks to: Michael Scerbo, Ana Vujanociv, Andrea Zavala, Sigrid Stigsdattar, Michele Rizzo, Renee Copraij, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Stefan Govaart