• Frascati 2


    film, duur 11 minuten, gratis toegang / film, duration 11 minutes, entrance free

    SERIES OF SUPPRESSION, Sheeyla Gerard, Regieopleiding Toneelacademie Maastricht - woensdag 19 juni

Sheeyla Gerard heeft om productionele redenen haar voorstelling I think it’s the sea that scares me teruggetrokken van het ITS Festival. In plaats daarvan wordt haar filminstallatie Series of suppression vertoond op woensdag 19 juni in Frascati 2. De toegang is gratis, de film wordt doorlopend vertoond. Duur: 11 minuten

From 5 to 9 PM Sheeyla Gerard will show her film Series of suppression in Frascati 2. Entrance is free, the film will be screened continuously. Duration: 11 minutes

A human being in nature is freely beautiful.
Nature in a human being can be freely dangerous.

The film installation SERIES OF SUPPRESSION is the first graduation work of director Sheeyla Gerard. In this film installation she brings nature and the human body together, causing a surrealistic world in which the exposure to our human nature is able to both enlighten and destroy us.

With a great passion for film, Sheeyla Gerard is searching for what exactly gets oppressed in the subconscious mind. She creates surrealistic realities in which man faces his human body and is confronted with the urges, desires and feelings that are buried deep within the body. With sources of inspiration such as filmmaker Lars von Trier and photographer Gregory Crewdson, she searches her own, unique visual language in which she tries to bring the viewer in contact with his own oppressions. Whether the exposure to your own nature has a relieving or destructive effect is a reoccurring question in her work.


Concept, direction, camera, edit Sheeyla Gerard
Performance Luka Kluskens
Sound design Matijs Guypen
Coaching Lotte Milder
Thanks to Mats Logen, Florie Bos, Daniel van Hauten, Celine Daemen, Olivier Herter, Sophie van Leeuwen, Jo van Laar, Marc Zwietink, Jean-Paul Caelen, Toneelacademie Maastricht, Toneelgroep Maastricht, de Cliffs of Moher
Special thanks to Luka Kluskens en Lotte Milder