Indeterminate Correspondences

Starting today, there is a lot going on.
A tangible plane lies in front of us.
And everything comes up
And everything goes by
Sometimes the sun has to rise more than once before it really is a new day.

‘We are two dots on each other’s horizon, but I am waving at you from the distance’

Indeterminate Correspondences is a theatrical performance that takes place entirely at a table, with an audience as big as the amount of people that can be seated at that table.
It is search for a language and a shared space.

This is the English version of Onduidelijke Correspondenties.  Book your tickets to the English spoken show by clicking the button on the right, then select either show on 22 June. To view the Dutch version and timeslots, click here.

The performance does not have a fixed location. Menzo will pick up his audience before the start of each performance at the central ticket desk in Frascati Theatre.


By and with: Menzo Kircz
Department: Drama, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Gent
Thank you: Pim Cornelussen
, Benjamin Verdonck en Sébastien Hendrickx
, Frederik Le Roy, Timme Afschrift, Salomé Mooij, Elly Van Eeghem, Leontien Allemeersch, Eva March, Han Ruiz Buhrs, Joeri Happel, Mats Van Herreweghe, CAMPO, Grégory Abels, Fabrice Delecluse, KASK Drama, The Young, Christine De Smedt, Freek De Craecker, Arne De Tremerie.
Photo: Leontien Allemeersch