Castle in the Air

Don’t worry. Just call it “horizon” and you’ll never reach it (Ocean Vuong).

Sometimes floating in ethereal dreams, other times landing abruptly on concrete, the dancer is exploring different dimensions of her own entity.

Castle in the Air is the graduation work of choreographer Maria Sartzetaki (Fontys Dance Academy). Performed by urban dancer Aelsya Dobysh Castle in the Air is a fusion between Dobysh’s unique house dance qualities and Sartzetaki’s poetic research in movement.

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Castle in the Air is part of the Eigen Werk Marathon – block Blauw 1.


Choreography: Maria Sartzetaki (Graduating student of Bachelor Choreography, Fontys Dance Academy, Tilburg)
Performer: Alesya Dobysh
Soundscape: Compositions of Iannis Xenakis and Edward Zajda
Costume design: Eleftheria Lavdaki
Coaching: Pia Meuthen
Special thanks to: Evangelos Biskas, Simon Bus, Drosha Grekhov, Pia Meuthen

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