A way to B

Is about how to get from A to B
The way between A and B, and ‘the way to be’
All those different roles we tend to play in daily life and on stage.
A way to B is about the game between real and untrue, between the actors and the musicians and the disorder that arises when musicians behave like actors and actors just pretend to be musicians.

The Devised Workshop

The Devised Workshop is a collaboration between the department of performing arts and the department of music at Iceland Academy of the Arts. It´s about creating something from nothing, creating something from scratch. All people including actors and musicians, carry tons of stories, stemming from experiences, emotions, memories and interrelations to the world in which they live and work. This inner material is the starting point of our workshop, in which performers and musicians can continually surprise and inspire each other.

A way to B is English spoken / Deze voorstelling is in het Engels

After the 4 o’clock performance there is a Q&A on making theatre and the theatre scene in Iceland. The Q&A is open to the public and will last one hour.


Graduates: Árni Beinteinn Árnason, BA in Acting
Ebba Katrín Finnsdóttir, BA in Acting
Elísabet S. Guðrúnardóttir, BA in Acting
Eygló Hilmarsdóttir, BA in Acting
Hákon Jóhannesson, BA in Acting
Hlynur Þorsteinsson, BA in Acting
Júlí Heiðar Halldórsson, BA in Acting
Þórey Birgisdóttir, BA in Acting
Þráinn Þórhallsson, BA in Composition
Ragnhildur Veigarsdóttir, BA in Creative Music Communication and Songwriting
Other performers:
Valentin Döring, Erasmus exchange student at Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice
Íris Andrésdóttir, student in BA Composition (Understudy of Ingunn Huld Sævarsdóttir, NAIP)
Sigurður Halldórsson, programme leader of NAIP.

Director: Ria Marks
Co-director: Sigurður Halldórsson
Lighting design: Egill Ingibergsson

Programme leader of Acting at Iceland Academy of the Arts: Stefán Jónsson.