ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance – DYAD – 3 Own Works

ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance educates a new generation of dance artists who will surprise and amaze you.
3 short duets by dancers / makers of ArtEZ Bachelor Dance.

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What is power? What is a power symbol ? how do you use it?
“You woke me up, I make you dream.”

ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance – 3 Own Works is part of Eigen Werk Marathon – blok Geel 3 & Blauw 3.


Dancers & Choreography : Jiamin Zhang, Janosch Horn
Music: Nicolas Jaar, Yeong-wook Jo, Estas Tonne

Fragility of Memory

One easily can forget the feebleness of memory. The scenes of playing with your brother in the garden, swimming for the first time in the sea, the smell of your home… Those moments one often cherishes easily become brittle and crumble under the weight of entropy.


Choreography : Alessandro Vidussoni
Dancers: Alessandro Vidussoni, Danielle Huyghe
Music: Origin of the World by Murcof

Twisted Gin and Dry Vermouth

“A glass falls, people laughing too loud, a piano being skinned.”
Two characters living in a world of extravagant confusion, not knowing what is reality and what is absurd.


Dancers & Choreography : Ischa Statie, Nathalie Vermeiren
Music: Charles Ives – The Unanswered Question, The Charleston Chasers – My Melancholy Baby, Draaiorgel De Arabier – Het Lied Van Pierement, Duke Ellington – Mood indigo, Solitude, Ischa Statie – Dearest…, Lou Gold Orchestra – I’ve Got Some Loving To Do, Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaitotis – Deep Listening, Sound effects
Dancers: Ischa Statie, Nathalie Vermeiren

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